A symmetrical pink display room encased by a pink steel frame. It contains six open-face shelving units displaying Pop & Suki merchandise. Two women wearing pink sit in front of pink closed cabinets. The woman on the left is applying pink lipstick, the woman on the right is painting her nails.

We're driven by bold ideas and individuals. We're here to help you make a statement, to define your brand's message and ensure its individuality is on display.

This Pop & Suki build was a combination video campaign and retail pop-up installation. These pieces are light-weight, mobile, and built for customer interaction. All shelving units and fixtures within this build are fully functional and alterable for retail requirements.

A large pink peg board display cabinet. It is filled with purses, belts, and accessories. A woman in a pink jumpsuit sits on pink cabinets next to two purses. Behind her are larger pink cabinets. Six pink pegboard cabinet displays holding various accessories sit in a concrete retail space. Three people pose on an open pink pegboard cabinet. The cabinet contains various key rings and leather tags. Behind them is an LED sign reading "Pop & Suki".  Six women in pastel clothing pose on a framework pink staircase inside a pink room. Each woman holds a small Pop & Suki brand purse.