A large stature reads FX Fearless. It is surrounded by towering stone entrance gates with wrought iron fencing covered with Ivy. A large gate arch holds a sign reading FX. A scale model Dollhouse on a stone pedistal. The house is built out of white boards with black roofing covered in ivy and decorated with intricate white trim. The windows contain LED screens depicting American Horror Stories Trailers and miniature furniture. The lighting within gives off an eerie green glow.

To immerse guests at an unmatched scale, we built a surreal nightmare in the heart of San Diego Comic-Con. Hotstrike is not your average fabricator, we strive to push boundaries in our field. In collaboration with Creative Riff, our team managed technical design pre-vis, scenic construction, greens coordination, and set dressing for this installation.

FX-Fearless was a large-scale interactive brand activation. This event guided attendees through a haunted maze to promote new seasons of American Horror Stories, What We Do In The Shadows, and the launch of their new series Little Demon.

A creepy wooden bench swing with letters mounted above it reading AHS. The swing is surrounded by a hedge maze with hands reaching out from the bushes. A mausoleum nightclub in a topiary garden. The mausoleum is a white marble finish with bat decals, green lighting, and a sign reading Nadja's.two laughing people emerging from a passageway of hanging vibrant red and orange tubes.A shiny blue fringed DJ booth sits infront of a stained glass window in this vampire themed mausoleum nightclub. The room is lined with white columns and arches, disco balls hang from the ceiling. The room is bathed in green and purple lights.

We believe in creating installations at a scale and detail that defy the current status quo. This installation required 17 semi trucks, 16 replica street lamps, an 18' table, and 400 haunted vintage dolls. We’re not afraid of ghosts, monsters, or the seemingly impossible.

Our development and installation processes were streamlined by our integrated design team. Our digital workflow allows us to visualize the space and audience experience, letting our client explore options in real time.

A large tea party table decorated with platters, candelabras, teacups,  and molded food.Two women dressed as dolls stand next to a large table. The table is draped in a black cloth and covered in silver trays full of molded food and dying floral arrangements.Two burnt trees frame the Little Demon Amphitheater, a large projection screen framed by towering acrylic flames.