A street of 21 Miniature buildings depicted in vivd color and detail, with realistic palm trees and texturing. they are displayed on a large white pedestal in a white gallery with windows. Four miniature coastal buildings in bright pigmented colors. The rest  on a white pedestal and are framed by two miniature palm trees.

We’re not a traditional company, we’re built from artists, craftsmen, and innovators. We understand the importance of artistic vision and detailed work, and are equipped to fabricate worlds at any scale. 

Sunset Coast Drive is a gallery installation by artist Alex Israel. This work consists of 21 miniature buildings spanning 44ft, some fictional and others famous Los Angeles landmarks. Our team dedicated months to refining, customizing, and finishing these miniatures to the smallest detail.

A street of miniature buildings sits assembled in the Hotstrike Scene Shop. A miniature version of the brick clad Mr. Chow's restaurant sits next to a vintage diner and a stately columned building. A close-up view of the front door, windows and fencing of a miniaturized diner. A miniature version of The Hollywood Foreign Press Association building sits partially assembled. It is decorated in elaborate brickwork and tiled roofing. A miniature version of the classic Apple Pan restaurant sits on the corner of a miniaturized street. Two Palm trees adorn it on either side.A miniature artist's studio and a movie theatre sit next to each other. The theatre sign reads "Now Playing SPF-18".

Our design department was crucial in this project, producing accurate and detailed scale models ready for immediate printing and assembly.

The Hotstrike design team specializes in creating true to life renders and fabrication ready drawings. This not only expands our printing and fabrication capabilities, but also allows us to keep our clients up to date with live imaging.

Detailed prop antlers are mounted onto miniature aged wood boards, affixed to an old western style building. Miniature buildings mounted on a street lined by palm trees, street-lamps and parking meters. They sit atop a white pedestal in a New York Art Gallery.Miniature fake cactuses and greenery next to a stone wall and park bench. A miniature version of Craigs restaurant with a gray cream exterior and a cursive sign reading "Craigs".