Three Mannequins displayed at the center of a Chanel retail pop-up store. Behind them is a large banner reading Chanel. To both sides are gold cylindrical wire columns integrated with white circular shelving, which hold an assortment of purses, shoes and other accessories.  Golden Jewelry is displayed on wooden posts. They are resting on a mirrored shelf with copper ring supports.

Brand Identity is the foundation of our retail fabrication work. Our installations are designed to fit your vision and convey the voice of your brand. We create builds with the detail and quality expected of high end luxury.

This custom fabricated Chanel Pop-Up showcases our decorative fixture and metalwork capabilities. In tandem with our design department, our fabricators produce complex structural builds that are clean, effective and represent your brand values.

Three mannequin arms are displayed wearing Chanel yellow and blue bracelets. They rest on a golden shelf and are framed by golden wire columns.Golden wire columns encase a retail pop-up display of Chanel clothing and accessories A digital rendering of golden wire columns forming a square archway.