The Miami Crypto Bull, a large cybernetic bull statue. stands finished in the Onyx Forge shop. Its horns are a brassy gold, its body appears like sleek black metal plating, and its eyes glow a bright blue. A large metal armature, the internal structure of the bull, standing in the Hotstrike Scene shop. Next to the bull is our kick-ass welder Vimi.

We're here to make a statement, and to support other artists in doing the same. We routinely fabricate complex sculptures for creatives across the country. In our many years as a fabricator we’ve learned how to build gravity defying spectacles and dynamic structures.

The Miami Bull was created through a collaboration with our longtime friends at Onyx Forge. This build was a feat of engineering, and required extensive prototyping to achieve its dynamic pose and illusion of momentum. Hotstrike Studio handled all internal engineering and steel fabrication, providing Onyx Forge the armature for their stunning fiberglass exterior.

Golden sparks are flying as the bull armature's edges are ground down. The bull's steel armature is standing in the middle of the Hotstrike shop, it's being supported by a forklift. A set of technical drawings detailing the design and assembly of the bull armature. A close up of the Miami Crypto bull's head,  an electronic bull statue with glowing blue eyes.A partially assembled steel armature resting on a welding table. A large electronic bull statue standing ready to charge. It is assembled but unfinished and in the early stages of a fiberglass treatment.The Miami Crypto Bull, A large fiberglass and steel statue depicting an electronic robot bull. It has a sleek black exterior, gold horns, and blue eyes. its stance is tense, as if it is about to charge forward.